Every year the Friends of Dard Hunter produces 3 printed projects for members. The projects are:

  • A spring postcard 
  • The Bull & Branch Annual Publication
  • A fall postcard

Each project focuses on a theme related to hand papermaking. Be sure that your membership is active with an up to date mailing address so you don't miss out on receiving these printed materials. You can view electronic archived issues of the Bull & Branch via the FDH membership portal.

BULL & BRANCH 2017 - Call for Submissions

Connected Craft: Collaboration in Hand Papermaking

For the 2017 issue of Bull & Branch we are seeking submissions that highlight collaboration, research, experimentation, production and inspiration. How can group projects by students, teachers, researchers, scientists, artists, and paper enthusiasts tackle handmade paper research questions which will move the medium forward? We want to hear your big ideas for synergistic work, your stories of collaborations (how they were successful or not), and thoughts on the power of makers to innovate as part of a group collective. If you’ve given a presentation that focused on collaboration at a past conference, consider making it into an article. Of course these are just a few starting points for thinking about the theme of collaboration, and we welcome your fresh thoughts and ideas!

Questions? Email

Articles Due April 28, 2017


Optional: Include a Paper Sample

We welcome paper samples to accompany your article!

  • Mention your interest in your email to the Editor, and details will follow.
  • 300 handmade paper samples at exactly 2”x3”.
  • Your samples will be featured next to your article in this issue.
  • Handmade paper tip-ins due Due May 19th, 2017
  • Email to, more details will follow


Don’t want to write an article but want to get involved? Make a Handmade Paper Cover!

  • Due May 19th, 2017
  • 25 sheets (needed from 12 members)
  • 8.5" x 17"
  • a heavier, cover-stock weight is appropriate
  • Color, fiber type, etc., is up to you!
  • Email to express your interest and get shipping info