Craft and Collaboration: The Pursuance of a Conceptual Union - Cynthia Thompson, David Charles Chioffi, Kyle Holland, Gail Deery

The landscape of contemporary papermaking is ever expanding: technology and craft; language and narrative; and audience and arena. This union of layered physical expression (handmade paper fibers and techniques), contemporary craft ( linear theory,design and process and technique ) and the collaborative atelier model combine to form the foundation of this proposed presentation. The historical lineage of identification in the art of papermaking was established in thirteenth century Italy through the introduction of the watermark. This displacement of fibers in the creation of each sheet universally acknowledged the ownership of one’s labor.

The act of hand papermaking continues to employ this signature in layered processes. Moreover, while the watermark references not only the sheet’s producer and geography, it has become an article of design. Concentration will be placed on the role of the historical alongside traditional and experimental forms of production- those presented in the realization of collaborative publications produced with contemporary artists.



October 11-13, 2017

Dard Hunter spent much of his prolific career traveling to some of the most remote regions in the world in pursuit of the craft of papermaking. His legacy is evident in the countless papermakers, printers, artists, scientists, historians, and educators who use paper as their primary medium today.Chasing Paper, the 2017 Friends of Dard Hunter annual meeting, celebrates the quest for paper to inspire new avenues in scholarship, innovation, technology, and artistic practice. Hosted by the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 11-13, 2017, Chasing Paper honors the myriad ways that traditional methods of papermaking have inspired new avenues of artistic, scientific, and technological innovation.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to receive a behind the scenes tour of the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking, to view artifacts and materials from the historic Dard Hunter Collection, as well as papers, tools, machines, and manuscripts on the history of paper and paper technology. In addition to lectures, panels, and demonstrations engaging in meaningful dialogue on topics such as history and tradition, research and development, vision and expression, and community and society, we invite members to join us for break-out sessions. It is our hope that this inspiring setting will encourage a revitalized sense of community, expression, and exchange in the spirit of Dard Hunter.


Each year at our annual conference we raise funds for scholarships through cash donations and the silent auctions. These funds are then applied to the scholarships the following year. These scholarships allow students and others of modest means to attend our meetings. This year five members were awarded scholarships to attend the conference in Atlanta.