Keepsake Exchange 2019

Interested in participating in this year’s Manifest(o) keepsake?

Please email your name and location as you would like it to appear on the Contents Page to Winnie Radolan, Paper Guild of Philadelphia, at


What is the Keepsake Exchange?

The Keepsake is a edition of paper pieces made by Friends of Dard Hunter members every year and exchanged during the conference. You do not need to attend the conference in order to participate, only to be registered member of the organization! If you are not planning to attend the conference, or will not arrive prior to Thursday, September 19, please see below for shipping details. Please contact with any other questions.

Where and when is the Keepsake Exchange?

The exchange will take place at the Holiday Inn Express Midtown on Thursday, September 19 at 8pm. If you want to participate, but will not be at the conference by that time, please see shipping details below.

How large should I make each keepsake paper?

Your Keepsake edition should be under 8.5” x 11” and relatively flat so that it can fit into the portfolio.

How many keepsakes do I need to make?

This year the number of keepsakes is 115

If I am not attending the conference, can I participate? Where do I send my keepsakes?

Please send them to the address below, CLEARLY LABELED. They must arrive by Wednesday, September 18 in order to be included:

USPS Postal Service:
University of the Arts
c/o Cynthia Thompson
320 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

University of the Arts
c/o Cynthia Thompson
311 S. Juniper Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Who will be making the portfolios for the keepsake?

This year we are excited that Nicole Donnelly will collaborate with the People’s Paper Co-Op to create the portfolios! You can learn more about all of the work they do here: